Restricted Items

Sri Lanka Customs prohibits certain types of items from being imported to Sri Lanka.

Team Mystica will regularly update this list to keep our valued customers aware of what they cannot order through the Mystica Online Shopping Service so they can be aware and avoid disappointment.

If customers are uncertain whether a product they require falls under the Restricted Items list, please feel free to ask us and we will clarify it for you.

Restricted Items list

Firearms and Ammunition

Live birds and animals, including pets

Plants and their produce (e.g. fruits, seeds)

Endagered species of plants or animals, whether live or dead.

Any goods for commercial purpose; for profit, gain or commercial usage.

Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage.

Gold and Silver, other than ornaments (import only).

Currency in excess of prescribed limits

Telephone and Telephony equipment of restricted frequencies

Medicines and drugs.

Certain Animals (Camels, Horses, Cattle).

Semi-processed hides and skins.

Silk worm, silk worm seeds and cacoons.

Family Planning Devices (NOC from Ministry of Health required)

Vintage Products, replicas of antiques or weapons.

Sand and Soil

Whole human blood plasma and certain products derived from human blood.

Sandal-wood (except handicraft products and oil).